Toshiba 19v 3.95a laptop charger


All laptop AC power adapters are tested for 100% quality control assurance. High performance, lightweight AC Adapter for your laptop. Fast shipping on all AC Power Adapters.If you have any question on our ac adapter,please feel free to contact us.6 months warranty.

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    Size Guide

      Size Chest Waist Hips
      XS 34 28 34
      S 36 30 36
      M 38 32 38
      L 40 34 40
      XL 42 36 42
      2XL 44 38 44

      All measurements are in INCHESnd may vary a half inch in either direction.

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    Please check to make sure this is the adapter your laptop uses.Check the underside of your old adapter for the output specifications which should be 19v, 3.95amps, then check the tip(where the adapter connects to the laptop) to be sure its is this tip.
    If you are in doubt, call us!
    Power cable included

    Fit laptop models:
    Equium A200-26D
    Equium L300-146
    Equium L300-17Q
    Equium L350-10L
    Equium L350D-11D
    Equium L40-14I
    Equium L40-156
    Equium L40-17M
    Equium P200-1IR
    Equium P200D-139
    Equium P300-16T
    Equium P300-19O
    Equium U400-124
    Equium U400-145
    Equium U400-146
    Portege M800-106
    Portege M800-11J
    Portege M800-106
    Satellite A100-S2211TD
    Satellite A100-S2311TD
    Satellite A100-S8111TD
    Satellite A100-ST1041
    Satellite A100-ST3211
    Satellite A105-S101
    Satellite A105-S1013
    Satellite A105-S1014
    Satellite A105-S171
    Satellite A105-S1711
    Satellite A105-S1712
    Satellite A105-S2001
    Satellite A105-S2011
    Satellite A105-S2021
    Satellite A105-S2031
    Satellite A105-S2051
    Satellite A105-S2061
    Satellite A105-S2071
    Satellite A105-S2081
    Satellite A105-S2091
    Satellite A105-S2101
    Satellite A105-S2111
    Satellite A105-S2121
    Satellite A105-S2131
    Satellite A105-S2141
    Satellite A105-S215TD
    Satellite A105-S2194
    Satellite A105-S2201
    Satellite A105-S2231
    Satellite A105-S2236
    Satellite A105-S2712
    Satellite A105-S2713
    Satellite A105-S2716
    Satellite A105-S2717
    Satellite A105-S2719
    Satellite A105-S361
    Satellite A105-S3611
    Satellite A105-S4124
    Satellite A105-S4154
    Satellite A105-S4194
    Satellite A200-1YO
    Satellite A200-27R
    Satellite A200-27Z
    Satellite A210-19T
    Satellite A300-1J1
    Satellite A300-1MC
    Satellite A300-1OM
    Satellite A300-1RY
    Satellite A300-21H
    Satellite A300-21I
    Satellite A350-11N
    Satellite A350-12J
    Satellite A350-20N
    Satellite L300-04N
    Satellite L300-11C
    Satellite L300-13R
    Satellite L300-147
    Satellite L300-148
    Satellite L300-149
    Satellite L300-14G
    Satellite L300-16L
    Satellite L300-18D
    Satellite L300-18E
    Satellite L300-19Y
    Satellite L300-1AP
    Satellite L300-1AQ
    Satellite L300-1AS
    Satellite L300-1BV
    Satellite L300-1BW
    Satellite L300-1CU
    Satellite L300-1DI
    Satellite L300-1DN
    Satellite L300-1DU
    Satellite L300-1FS
    Satellite L300-1G5
    Satellite L300-1G6
    Satellite L300-1G8
    Satellite L300-1G9
    Satellite L300-20D
    Satellite L300-20W
    Satellite L300-215
    Satellite L300-217
    Satellite L300-227
    Satellite L300-229
    Satellite L300-22X
    Satellite L300-25G
    Satellite L300-25H
    Satellite L300-26M
    Satellite L300-29T
    Satellite L300-29V
    Satellite L300-29W
    Satellite L300-29X
    Satellite L300-2CP
    Satellite L300-2CW
    Satellite L300-2DR
    Satellite L300D-10Q
    Satellite L300D-11V
    Satellite L300D-12L
    Satellite L300D-202
    Satellite L350-12N
    Satellite L350-145
    Satellite L350-14F
    Satellite L350-159
    Satellite L350-170
    Satellite L350-171
    Satellite L350-17P
    Satellite L350-17R
    Satellite L350-203
    Satellite L350-20F
    Satellite L350-20G
    Satellite L350-212
    Satellite L350-21Q
    Satellite L350-21T
    Satellite L350-235
    Satellite L350-24R
    Satellite L350D-12M
    Satellite L350D-131
    Satellite L40-14N
    Satellite L40-17U
    Satellite L40-18Z
    Satellite L45-S7409
    Satellite L45-S7419
    Satellite L45-S7423
    Satellite L45-S7424
    Satellite L500D-11R
    Satellite M60-S6111TD
    Satellite M60-S8112ST
    Satellite M60-S8112TD
    Satellite M60-S811ST
    Satellite M60-S811TD
    Satellite M65-S809
    Satellite M65-S8091
    Satellite M65-S8092
    Satellite M65-S821
    Satellite M65-S8211
    Satellite M65-S8213
    Satellite M65-S9062
    Satellite M65-S9063
    Satellite M65-S9064
    Satellite M65-S9065
    Satellite M65-S909
    Satellite M65-S9091
    Satellite M65-S9092
    Satellite M65-S9093
    Satellite P200D-127
    Satellite P200D-137
    Satellite P300-19N
    Satellite P300-20C
    Satellite P300-20H
    Satellite P300-23L
    Satellite Pro A200-1X1
    Satellite Pro A200-1X2
    Satellite Pro A200-1YK
    Satellite Pro A200SE-1X6
    Satellite Pro A200SE-1X8
    Satellite Pro A210-16V
    Satellite Pro A210-16W
    Satellite Pro A210-18M
    Satellite Pro A210-1AZ
    Satellite Pro A210-1B1
    Satellite Pro A210-1B3
    Satellite Pro A210-1C7
    Satellite Pro A300-192
    Satellite Pro A300-193
    Satellite Pro A300-194
    Satellite Pro A300-195
    Satellite Pro A300-1A8
    Satellite Pro A300-1C1
    Satellite Pro A300-1C2
    Satellite Pro A300-1DZ
    Satellite Pro A300-1E0
    Satellite Pro A300-1EA
    Satellite Pro A300-1FZ
    Satellite Pro A300-1G0
    Satellite Pro A300-1LW
    Satellite Pro A300-1NG
    Satellite Pro A300-1NH
    Satellite Pro A300-1O9
    Satellite Pro A300-1OP
    Satellite Pro A300-1OQ
    Satellite Pro A300-1PW
    Satellite Pro A300-1RR
    Satellite Pro A300-1RS
    Satellite Pro A300-1SX
    Satellite Pro A300-229
    Satellite Pro A300-22C
    Satellite Pro A300-22E
    Satellite Pro A300-249
    Satellite Pro A300D-131
    Satellite Pro A300D-132
    Satellite Pro A300D-13E
    Satellite Pro A300D-13S
    Satellite Pro L300-128
    Satellite Pro L300-12F
    Satellite Pro L300-12H
    Satellite Pro L300-12I
    Satellite Pro L300-12X
    Satellite Pro L300-152
    Satellite Pro L300-153
    Satellite Pro L300-154
    Satellite Pro L300-155
    Satellite Pro L300-156
    Satellite Pro L300-19Q
    Satellite Pro L300-19S
    Satellite Pro L300-1AD
    Satellite Pro L300-1AF
    Satellite Pro L300-1AI
    Satellite Pro L300-1DS
    Satellite Pro L300-1FJ
    Satellite Pro L300-1FK
    Satellite Pro L300-1FL
    Satellite Pro L300-1FN
    Satellite Pro L300-1FO
    Satellite Pro L300-21F
    Satellite Pro L300-23L
    Satellite Pro L300-23M
    Satellite Pro L300-25K
    Satellite Pro L300-26P
    Satellite Pro L300-26Q
    Satellite Pro L300-26R
    Satellite Pro L300-28W
    Satellite Pro L300-291
    Satellite Pro L300-292
    Satellite Pro L300-293
    Satellite Pro L300-294
    Satellite Pro L300-296
    Satellite Pro L300-297
    Satellite Pro L300-298
    Satellite Pro L300-299
    Satellite Pro L300-29C
    Satellite Pro L300-29D
    Satellite Pro L300-2CH
    Satellite Pro L300-2CJ
    Satellite Pro L300-2E5
    Satellite Pro L40-15A
    Satellite Pro L40-15C
    Satellite Pro L40-15D
    Satellite Pro L40-15E
    Satellite Pro L40-17E
    Satellite Pro L40-17F
    Satellite Pro L40-17G
    Satellite Pro L40-17H
    Satellite Pro L40-18M
    Satellite Pro L40-19I
    Satellite Pro L40-19O
    Satellite Pro P300-14P
    Satellite Pro P300-14Q
    Satellite Pro P300-14R
    Satellite Pro P300-14S
    Satellite Pro P300-18N
    Satellite Pro P300-18O
    Satellite Pro P300-18P
    Satellite Pro P300-18Q
    Satellite Pro P300-1CV
    Satellite Pro P300-1EX
    Satellite Pro P300-1FP
    Satellite Pro P300-1FQ
    Satellite Pro U400-10H
    Satellite Pro U400-11V
    Satellite Pro U400-126
    Satellite Pro U400-127
    Satellite Pro U400-12Y
    Satellite Pro U400-130
    Satellite Pro U400-13A
    Satellite Pro U400-142
    Satellite Pro U400-153
    Satellite Pro U400-15I
    Satellite Pro U400-17O
    Satellite Pro U400-17Q
    Satellite Pro U400-18L
    Satellite Pro U400-18S
    Satellite Pro U400-23X
    Satellite Pro U400-246
    Satellite U300-15P
    Satellite U300-15Q
    Satellite U300-ST3091
    Satellite U300-ST3092
    Satellite U300-ST3094
    Satellite U305-S2806
    Satellite U305-S2808
    Satellite U305-S2812
    Satellite U305-S5077
    Satellite U305-S5087
    Satellite U305-S5097
    Satellite U305-S5107
    Satellite U305-S5117
    Satellite U305-S5127
    Satellite U305-S57402
    Satellite U305-S7432
    Satellite U305-S7446
    Satellite U305-S7448
    Satellite U305-S7449
    Satellite U305-S7467
    Satellite U305-S7477
    Satellite U400-108
    Satellite U400-13T
    Satellite U400-14B
    Satellite U400-15B
    Satellite U400-15E
    Satellite U400-189
    Satellite U400-217
    Satellite U400-22N
    Satellite U500-10X
    Satellite U500-10Z
    Tecra M8-S8011
    Tecra M8-S8011X
    Tecra M8-ST3093
    Tecra M8-ST3094

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